Fabulous Kitchen Re-do in Basking Ridge, NJ

Fabulous kitchen re-do project

Fabulous Kitchen Re-do in Basking Ridge, NJ

The Challenge

This kitchen re-do project was initiated by a busy professional couple with two young children. Their home, built during the 1970s, had a kitchen that was previously remodeled; however, it was out of style again.

The existing kitchen did not provide enough storage for the wife’s cooking paraphernalia. So. she wanted to upgrade the dated appliances to professional grade because she is an enthusiastic cook.

Both husband and wife hated the kitchen floor, which was tile with brown grout. It was impossible to clean and keep clean. Therefore, a new floor was on the must-have list for this kitchen re-do project .

The previous owner had used the kitchen as her office and tv room. There was a fireplace in the existing kitchen, as well. The couple didn’t want to keep any of these features. Consequently, they had it scheduled for demolition.

  • The homeowners wanted a completely new, fresh and modern kitchen.
  • Most importantly, the basic layout and existing footprint could remain
  • The old kitchen was dark and windows were jalousie style. As a result, new windows were a must-have
  • Homeowners wanted a more contemporary look. Therefore, the doorway between kitchen and dining room was to be widened and arched for a more contemporary look
  • More counter space for casual meals and family activities
  • They wanted a designated bar space with small sink, wine fridge and storage space for barware and bottles.

Before the Re-do Photos

The one pantry was only 21” deep with fixed shelves – anything in the back was inaccessible and got lost.
Homeowners did not want this tv shelf in their kitchen
The office space in the existing kitchen had to go
The dining room was separated from the kitchen by a narrow doorway. The remodel project would widen this doorway to make the kitchen and dining room one space.
Fireplace in the kitchen was not wanted
This floor was the first thing the couple wanted removed. It was impossible to clean and they thought it was ugly.
These cabinets would be removed but were not be replaced. The wall behind them would be removed to open the kitchen to the dining room.
Original fridge was too small
The hood configuration was strange looking and inefficient
The homeowners wanted these jalousie-style windows replaced.
Cabinet mounted microwave was old and unsafe
The cooking enthusiast wife wanted space specifically for spice storage
The only silverware drawer was too small

The Design Solution for the Kitchen Re-do

The homeowners were busy, and it was difficult to get both of them together at the same time to make decisions for their kitchen re-do project. They were not design savvy and could not imagine or picture in their minds how things would look. As a result, they had a difficult time choosing colors and materials.

The husband was extremely cost conscious and questioned every item. Consequently, the project was often put on hold while he investigated other options looking for a better price.

Having enough space for what they wanted was not an issue. No construction problems were encountered. The existing footprint was used.

All items on the homeowners’ wish list were delivered. Because the existing kitchen was very large, there were no fitting issues. They ended getting about 40 custom cabinets in a beautiful new kitchen.

The Wrap Up/After the Kitchen Re-do

The kitchen re-do resolved many problems for the happy homeowners.

  1. They now had the space to store everything
  2. No more digging through overstuffed cabinets searching for things
  3. The layout and traffic flow was much improved. As a result, they could have their friends over more often
  4. The new peninsula provided space for children to sit to eat breakfast, do homework and crafts

After Photos

This wall of cabinets replaced the fireplace
Two new pantries are 24” deep with roll-out shelves
New apron front sink. Meile dishwasher on the left with cabinetry panels
The island now has a built-in microwave drawer and deep drawer storage for pans. New porcelain tile floor shown in this photo.
The peninsula provides seating for casual eating and children’s activities. The new, contemporary opening to the dining room can be seen in the background.
Professional grade Wolf range and stainless steel exhaust hood. (The chimney had not been installed when this photo was taken)
Silverware drawer now holds everything
Two appliance garages keep appliances out of sight. This one holds the KitchenAid stand mixer
A Hafele LeMans swing out unit makes corner cabinet storage possible

Some Products Used