Traditional Kitchen Design Wykoff NJ

Traditional kitchen design with island

Traditional Kitchen Design Wykoff NJ

The homeowners knew what they wanted: a new traditional kitchen design. They wanted to keep the existing layout and footprint, consequently no structural changes would be required.

What is a Traditional Kitchen Design?

You may ask what is traditional kitchen design? A traditional style kitchen is not one specific style, but an appealing combination.

  • More detail and ornamentation than the simple lines of most modern styles
  • Not stuffy or formal
  • Classic, warm and inviting
  • Interesting design details, such as hand-carved corbels and onlays
  • Cabinet finishes are soft colors with glazed or brushed finishes
  • Mix-and-match of countertop colors and materials throughout the space
  • Furniture-like design details, such as curved island legs, cabinet doors with attractive panel and frame bead details and possibly an arched valance
  • Wood hood and crown moldings are standard
  • A furniture look is part of the cabinetry in a traditional kitchen design. Appliances are concealed behind cabinetry panels.

What Did Homeowners Want in their Traditional Kitchen?

The old kitchen was dark with dark wood and dark countertops. They wanted more light, including a light cabinet finish.

The existing style did not match what they liked. The green walls had to go.  

The homeowners wanted to upgrade appliances.

They wanted a traditional kitchen design with a larger island. However, they didn’t want to take up space with island seating. Window seats with storage under the window wall would replace seating at the island.

Homeowners wanted to keep the stone floor and wall mounted tv.  

More kitchen storage was definitely on their wish list. Their goal was kitchen organization.

“Before” Kitchen Photos

Creating the New Traditional Kitchen Design

This was a fairly straightforward kitchen remodel project. The layout was kept the same. New cabinetry and appliances were added. The lighting was upgraded. A new backsplash was installed.

The homeowners knew exactly what style they wanted. No flat panel Shaker doors for these folks. They wanted a traditional kitchen design with raised panel doors, corbels, onlays and turned legs. And to complete the traditional look, they selected paint with a brushed finish on their new cabinets to provide texture.

A kitchen remodel project can become very easy when the homeowners know what they want, have the budget to complete the project the way they want it, and the husband and wife agree on everything.

Design Solution

We were able to fit lots of features into this new transitional kitchen. The lighting was upgraded, and they got a new backsplash.

The new countertops are Taj Mahal granite.

The walls are a nice Arcadia White to get rid of the dated green color.

Products Used in the New Traditional Kitchen

The homeowners now have

Every cabinet has some type of built-in storage to provide more than ample kitchen organization. A few of the kitchen cabinet storage ideas:

  1. One trash pull-out is to the right of the wine refrigerator
  2. Second trash pull-out is on the left end of the island
  3. Pull-out spice / canned goods storage to left and right of range
  4. Dishwasher with cabinetry panels to the right of the sink on the island

After” Photos of New Traditional Kitchen