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Marketing For Kitchen Designers:​Definitions and Descriptions

Marketing Core Strategy

Your Strategic Marketing Core Identity really isn't about you. It is about the things that your customers want. Our process peels away the "business speak" and generalities, and puts the focus on what prospects are looking for when they want to buy what you sell. This may sound easy, but you would be amazed at how many businesses get this wrong! By creating your Strategic Marketing Core identity, we can avoid spending marketing dollars promoting the wrong message. Your message will be on target, and resonate with your ideal customer.

Local Foundation Marketing

The Local Foundation Package is the basis for establishing your local online presence. Our focus is to get your business in the Google "3 Pack" for local search. We also set up an automated review system that makes it easy for your customers to give you a review. No more begging for reviews.

  • Local SEO and website audit
  • Google my Business Optimization
  • Reputation and Review Management
  • Directory and citation clean up
  • Ongoing local SEO and optimization

Product or Project Spotlights on Before / Afters

The single best way to focus your content efforts. These can be added a la carte if not included in your monthly program. Or we will provide a template so you can create your own.

  • Use our 2 and 4 page templates
  • Before and After case studies are great way to implement a basic keyword strategy
  • Print or email to prospective clients
  • Use as a newsletter to stay in touch.
  • Use as part of a referral lead generation program
  • Landing page for web site
  • Post case studies to your social media accounts
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Social Media Posting

Social Media posting means we build your social identity with new content that engages your potential customers. This can be combined with a Facebook Ad to "boost" viewers.

Facebook Ad Campaign

The goal of a Facebook Ad is to drive interested customers to your website and into a lead nurture program where they can get to know you better.

Referral Marketing Program

For great businesses, referrals provide the best marketing results. Use this program to turn a sale into another sale, and another, and another - watch it multiply and generate the business results you want.

SEO Strategy

We regularly review your SEO Keyword Strategy and provide analysis and reporting on best keywords to target.


Your blog is the best way to regularly add fresh content that answers your ideal customer's questions and builds your credibility online. Your blog can be the key to your customers seeing you as an authority and as a thought leader. Blog content has multiple uses and can be distributed in newsletters, emails, and social media. The number of blogs varies based on your plan level.

Main Page Optimization

Depending on your local market and your competition, you may need to optimize more than just your home page. However, if you are in an area where your competitors aren't spending much on SEO, sometimes you can achieve your desired results just by focusing on your primary (home) page, with appropriate title, description, and both on and off page SEO.

Online or Print Ads

About 99% of ads we see are ineffective. Wherever you are advertising, you need ads that focus on your core strategy to achieve great results. These ads will capture the attention of your target audience, show them that you have a solution to their problems, and help them make a smart decision when buying what you sell.

Advanced SEO

To execute an SEO plan and achieve the results you want in a highly competitive market, you have to dedicate yourself to a long-term program. It requires excellent, keyword-rich content, regular updates, excellent site architecture, fixing site errors, and consistent updates. There are no ways to win with shortcuts; if you have the website with the best information and provide a great user experience, then you can climb your way into the top spot.

Additional Online Content or Print Ads (Optional)

Comprehensive marketing programs can provide ads or content to achieve a specific purpose, or for a new product or upcoming event. Each ad will follow our methodology, so they will capture your target audience's attention, and teach them how to make a smart decision when buying what you sell, and provide an easy next step in the buying process (as appropriate).

Market Dominating Strategy, Giveaway or Offer

To dominate your local market, you need the right message, the best promotion, and an innovative, powerful way to engage with your target audience that will provide a clear message that you are absolutely the best at what you do. We will work with you to identify, define, and innovate the "Inside Reality" of your company and formulate a distinct and clear advantage over your competitors.

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Email or Direct Mail Referral Program

With a list of past and present customers we develop a referral program. Referrals are the best customers and with a little effort we will greatly improve your referral leads.

Live Event Marketing Program

If you do to home shows or speak as part of your lead generation we develop your strategy and materials to get the best return on your investment and time.

Website: Content and Design

Think of your website as a business asset - a very important business asset. When we can, we will work to improve your existing website - that is our goal. When that doesn't make sense, we will give you an honest assessment of what it is going to take to improve your online presence.

Marketing Kit (Guide/Brochure)

Think of your marketing kit as the ultimate point of sale marketing message centered on your Strategic Marketing Core and powerfully worded content that works to create a clear advantage over your competitors. This material can go on your website, and can be handed out to prospects at live events, in your showroom, or in their home. There are dozens of options and types of guides, reports, or brochures - and we'll help you identify the right type for your situation.

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