Popular Wood Stain Colors from Brighton Cabinetry

Translucent Stain colors from Brighton Cabinetry

Popular Wood Stain Colors from Brighton Cabinetry

Brighton Cabinetry understands the importance of having the wood stain finish colors that homeowners are looking for on the woods they want. In response to consumer requests, they have introduced several new wood stain colors for kitchen cabinets with prominent grain patterns. 

Brighton’s New Wood Stain Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Autumn Haze on Walnut
  2. Zinc on Quarter Sawn White Oak
  3. Gunpowder on Quarter Sawn White Oak
  4. Flagstone on Quarter Sawn White Oak
  5. Gunpowder on Hickory & Rustic Hickory
  6. Flagstone on Hickory & Rustic Hickory
  7. Gunpowder on Cherry
  8. Flagstone on Cherry
  9. Gunpowder on Walnut
  10. Flagstone on Walnut
  11. Terrain on Walnut

Brighton’s Wood Stain Colors are Not “Trendy”

No one wants a cabinet finish that is “trendy” and will look dated in a few years, one that causes regret and disappointment. Brighton’s new stains are ideal for staying within the parameters of “current favorites”, but not “trendy”. The folks at Brighton understand the importance of offering wood stain colors for kitchen cabinets that are “classic” and “timeless”.

Mix Things Up

Homeowners have always been told they must have cabinets that match in their kitchens. It’s tradition! However, today the old rules no longer apply. People can mix different styles, stain colors, paint colors and woods. Combining contrasting elements will personalize your kitchen.

There are some traditional design guidelines that should be followed, that’s true, but many of the rules are being put aside. This means that today’s kitchens show off the owner’s personality and are more than a room filled with white cabinets.

And mixing things up can work in any style of kitchen.

Scandinavian style kitchen
Scandinavian style kitchen with light wood stain kitchen cabinets

Scandinavian Style Kitchen

The new Brighton wood stain colors for kitchen cabinets lend themselves very well to a Scandinavian style kitchen. White is the predominant color in a Scandinavian kitchen, but just because it’s white doesn’t automatically make it “Scandinavian”. For a true Scandi kitchen design, in addition to white, you need soft wood tones finished in a translucent stain with a hint of color and lots of natural light that does away with dark corners.

Why Choose a Wood Stain Color for Your Kitchen Cabinets

A light stain finish on wood kitchen cabinets transforms the raw wood to let the grain shine through. Staining your cabinets is a great option if you want to be able to see and appreciate the grain and texture of wood, but still want to have a little color.

Unlike paint, stain doesn’t take away from your wood’s character. It enhances the natural beauty of your wood cabinets, and you’ll be able to admire the wood’s distinctive features.

The new wood stain colors for kitchen cabinets from Brighton provide a subtle, understated color, one that’s perfect for woods with a prominent grain, like Quarter Sawn White Oak, Hickory, Walnut and Cherry.

Brighton’s new stains on Oak are on Quarter Sawn White Oak. Quarter Sawn White Oak has more visible grain pattern than flat sawn Oak.

Their new wood stain colors are also available on Cherry and Walnut, two perennial favorites with beautiful grain patterns that will NEVER go out of style.

How to Use Brighton’s New Wood Stain Colors to Best Advantage on your Kitchen Cabinets

A creative way you can use one of the new Brighton wood stain colors on your kitchen cabinets is to mix it with another stain or paint color.  

Beautiful wood stain and white paint combination

A very popular combination right now is white painted cabinets paired with a stained island. It’s a beautiful look that blends modern with traditional, creating a classic, timeless look.  

A mix of light and dark colors is also popular for today’s kitchen design. Painted cabinet finishes remain popular with homeowners, and Brighton delivers a range of colors from light to dark, along with a variety of stains that let the beauty of the wood shine through.

Many new kitchens are combining dark and light finishes, with stain used on islands, beams, furniture built-ins and hoods.

Although white and grey paints and stains continue to be hot colors for kitchen cabinets, stain colors are moving to lighter, translucent or see-through shades.

Brighton’s Zinc and Gunpowder are shades of gray. Their Flagstone is a very light gray, almost white. If you want to use gray and/or white in your remodeled kitchen but are hesitant to go with paints that provide full coverage, one of the wood stains on your kitchen cabinets from Brighton will work very nicely.


Your kitchen designer can help to guide your choices for your new kitchen. He or she knows all about woods, styles and finishes. But in the final analysis, the choice is up to you. It’s your kitchen and if it makes you happy, then it’s all good.

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