Replace the junk drawer with in-drawer storage

Make the Most of In-Drawer Storage

The ubiquitous junk drawer — every kitchen has one. Or possibly two. But your newly remodeled kitchen will be different. With the clever in-drawer storage solutions we’re about to share, there will be no more junk drawers in your lovely new kitchen.

Today’s manufacturers of in-drawer storage accessories have devised many, many solutions for ways to keep drawers organized. And further, these modern-day drawer inserts make it possible to use every square inch of storage space for maximum efficiency.

You may have seen or heard about some of these drawer built-ins. But the suppliers are always coming up with something new and different, so let’s take a look at what’s available. When you meet with your kitchen designer, you will be able to tell him or her just what you want for your new kitchen drawers.

Deep Drawer Storage | Dishes

Storing plates, bowls and drinking glasses in a deep drawer rather than in a wall cabinet is a relatively recent storage innovation.

A piece of pegboard becomes the drawer bottom, then dowels, dividers and boxes can be placed to accommodate whatever you wish to store and organize. The dowels can be placed wherever you want to fit your dishes. You can also get a plate lifter that makes it easy to lift up the entire stack of plates or bowls at once.

There are other advantages to storing your plates in a deep drawer. Everything gets stored at waist level instead of up high, making it a more ergonomic solution. Storing more items below the counter is great for aging in place, as well.

As shown in the photos below, you can take your pick of ways to personalize drawer storage.

Dowel rods keep plates in place
A plate lifter makes it easy to move an entire stack of plates
Vertical plate holder offers a different take on dish drawer storage
Metal rods hold glassware in place for drawer storage

Deep Drawer Storage – Not Just for Plates

Deep drawer storage has become very popular. Homeowners who want their remodeled kitchens to be as open and uncluttered as possible replace wall cabinets with drawer storage. Here’s a few of the many ways people have organized their base cabinet drawer storage.

Instead of stacking your ceramic baking dishes on top of each other, you can take advantage of in-drawer storage. As a result, they can be stored vertically in a deep drawer with dividers.

Store ceramic bakeware individually rather than stacked

Here’s a clever use of dividers in a deep drawer to keep oddly shaped, miscellaneous items in order.

Moveable dividers lets you storage miscellaneous items

Although there are many in-cabinet storage options available for trays, cutting boards and bakeware items, here’s a clever way to store cookie sheets and muffin pans upright in a deep drawer.

Store bakeware items in a deep drawer

If your new kitchen has a cooktop instead of a range, you’ll need a place to keep pots, pans and lids nearby. This built in organizer from Rev-A-Shelf does the job nicely.

Keep pots, pans and lids organized and handy

Made-to-your-measurements drawer inserts from Bradco Stainless Products are ideal for storing flour and sugar conveniently. These inserts are 100 percent stainless steel construction and since each is made to order, they will fit any size or style of drawer. In addition to flour and sugar storage, they offer bread drawer inserts, produce drawer inserts, pet food and pet feeding drawer inserts, knife storage drawer inserts, spice storage drawer inserts and utensil drawer inserts, all in stainless steel. These Bradco drawer inserts are available through your kitchen designer only.

Stainless steel drawer inserts are made to order

More In-Drawer Storage | Knife Blocks

It turns our drawers are great for storing all kinds of things that ordinarily would be sliding around and getting lost.

If you prize your knives, you want to store them so they’ll stay sharp. You’ll also want them stored in a way that protects you from reaching in a drawer and getting cut or stabbed. A knife block drawer insert, like the one from Keystone Wood Specialties, will protect you and your knives. Many cabinet manufacturers have in-drawer knife blocks as part of their catalog offering. Your designer can advise you and guide your choices so you get what you want.

An in-drawer knife block keeps knives safely stored

More In-Drawer Storage | Flatware

No matter if you call it flatware or silverware or cutlery, everyone uses knives, forks and spoons when they eat. And you’ll need a place to store them. This is a common drawer organizer and can be had in many materials, including acrylic, plastic, wood and stainless steel.

Here’s a wood cutlery drawer organizer made by the cabinet manufacturer. It may or may not be removable – you can decide. Certainly it’s easier to wipe out crumbs if you can remove the drawer insert.

Knives, forks and spoons kept separately in an in-drawer wood organizer

If space is limited and you have lots of silverware, maybe a two-level insert will work best for your new kitchen. Here, the top tier is pushed back to reveal the bottom contents. The top section automatically pushes closed when the drawer is closed. You’ll want full extension drawer guides on this option so nothing gets lost in the back of the drawer.

Two levels of utensil storage in stainless steel
Twice as much silverware storage in wood

More In-Drawer Storage | Utensils

Nothing can be more jumbled that the various utensils needed for cooking. Spatulas, ladles, wooden spoons, pizza cutters, tongs, whisks – the list of necessities goes on. How to keep everything organized so you can reach it when you need it?

Some homeowners like to do things their own way, as shown in the photo below. Dividers don’t have to be horizontal. It’s your kitchen, have the dividers placed as you would like.

Personalize drawer storage with diagonal dividers

Here’s a solution shown in elegant Walnut from Hafele that’s composed of modular containers. Put them in any configuration you want to create a truly custom design.

Place modular containers wherever they’re needed

This utensil storage solution combines knife storage, utensil storage and flatware storage.

A combination utensil storage drawer insert

This utensil storage option has space for all your assorted cooking utensils.

A place for everything and everything in its place

More In-Drawer Storage | Spices

Many serious cooks like their spices organized in a drawer so they can see at a glance where the cinnamon is.

See all your spices when drawer is opened

More In-Drawer Storage | K Cups

If you’re the type of person who needs their K cups front and center in the morning and no fumbling around in a box or cabinet to find the one you want, here’s the thing for you. Rev-A-Shelf has an in-drawer organizer for K cups. Your kitchen designer can get one for you. Or maybe two.

It’s possible to organize just about anything in a drawer – here’s K Cups

More In-Drawer Storage | Wine

If it’s possible to organize your K Cups with today’s in-drawer storage accessories, why not bottles of wine? Not everyone has a wine cellar. With these cleverly designed inserts, keep several bottles of wine in a drawer and off the counter.

Clever in drawer wine storage
A drawer devoted to wine storage? Yes, please.

More In-Drawer Storage | In-Drawer Charging Station

This is definitely a 21st Century innovation – an in-drawer charging or docking station. Keep charging devices off your countertops and put them in a drawer out of sight while they are charging. You can get different power configurations – USB ports or electrical outlets or a combination, depending of your needs. Again, your designer will help you get what you need. And while you’re at it, why not get one of for in your bathroom for hair dryers and other electrical devices?

Charging devices can be out of sight in a docking drawer


Say no to junk drawers in your new kitchen! By filling every drawer with one of the amazing in-drawer storage solutions shown in this article, you’ll never have to dig around for a spatula again. You’ll be organized, clutter-free and everything is in its place. Your Kitchen Design Partner designer will help you get all the storage products you want and need.

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