Welcome Kitchen Design Professionals

Kitchen Design Partner was created to give you, as an independent kitchen designer:

  • An online presence that is difficult to achieve on your own
  • More qualified selling opportunities
  • Assistance in making your own website a powerful online asset

What You Are Up Against

Every day you compete against home centers, IKEA, regional multi-location retailers, importers, lumber yards, online retailers, tile stores, granite fabricators, direct purchasing design-build firms, and even hardware store co-ops like Ace and Tru Value. Some of these businesses don’t know much about kitchen cabinetry or kitchen design, they deliver low value and frustrate their customers. Unfortunately, they get business, good business that could be yours.

Kitchen Design Partner was developed to elevate the online presence of local independent kitchen designers that we believe deliver the best kitchen remodeling experience.

How Do We Do It?

Kitchen Design Partner is a marketplace -- a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers.

Most designers are proudly referral only. The merits of referrals are not lost on us. Referrals are tremendous lead generators for most local kitchen designers, but depending exclusively on referrals is a short-sighted way to build your business.

I have seen many excellent designers not make the money they should while clinging to the merits of “referral only” and eventually go out of business.

We create opportunities for you that you don’t have through referral marketing.

We do this by leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, cabinet manufacturer branding, and your own website to drive traffic.

The foundations of our lead generating content are:

  • Case studies/Before-And-After articles of your projects. We have a process that gathers the best content and is optimized to attract readers
  • Industry content that helps educate prospective remodeling customers and nudges them along to become your ideal customers
  • A unique version of case study for your website and social promotion

Our website is intended to be complementary to your site. This is a very robust complement since we actively create new content and promote Kitchen Design Partner to drive web search to our site.

Before you say “I already have a Houzz account”, let me ask you: How many other designers are you competing against on Houzz? Does Houzz create content for your site? Does Houzz make you feel small and inferior when you don’t advertise on their site? Does Houzz pigeon-hole you into one category when you are many things - a kitchen designer, kitchen remodeler and maybe even an interior designer? Do intrusive advertising reps from Houzz call you constantly, despite saying “no”?

How We Make Money

If you are wondering how we make money:

  • We charge a modest project posting fee. Your projects get posted to the Kitchen Design Partner site and a unique version is created for your site
  • We charge a flat fee for sales leads when we connect you with buyers in your area-you have the choice of whether you accept or reject the lead
  • Marketing consulting fees if you retain Kitchen Design Partner as your marketing agency

What To Do Next

Complete our Design Pros application. After completing the application, you will be contacted by one of our representatives.

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