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I’ve personally designed hundreds of kitchens and worked with designers on hundreds more to perfect their designs and order details. I understand that a new kitchen is one of the most important and complicated home improvement projects you can take on.

Our Intake Form enables us to provide quotes for homeowners who are sincere about wanting to remodel their kitchen. Only serious inquiries make it through to the Kitchen Design Partner network of designers.

The information you provide allows the team at Kitchen Design Partner to match you with the best, screened kitchen designer for your kitchen remodel, for free. You won’t regret completing our Intake form. It will serve you well whether you end up contracting with one of our designers or with someone outside of our network.

You want to do business with real people, not robots. When you complete the Kitchen Design Partner Intake form, you'll get a message from me, Bob Aungst, a real live human. And you'll get my personal email address that you can use to contact me with any questions and concerns. I'm happy to help.

Happy Kitchen Remodel Shopping!

Bob Aungst

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