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We Work With Top Kitchen and Bath Designers To Become The Top Performers In The Industry


I’ve personally designed hundreds of kitchens and worked with designers on hundreds more to perfect their designs and order details. A new kitchen is one of the most important and complicated home improvement projects you can take on. Our Intake Form is detailed because the longer form enables us to provide quotes for only those homeowners who are genuine and sincere about wanting to remodel their kitchen. Only serious inquiries make it through to the Kitchen Design Partner network of designers.

We understand that we’re asking you for lots of information upfront. But it’s worth it. The information you provide enables our designers to efficiently deliver designs and pricing to you. You will not regret completing our Intake form. It will serve you well whether you end up contracting with one of our designers or with someone outside of our network.

You want to work with experts, not someone who is going to take your money and deliver a mess instead of well-conceived new kitchen. The best designers insist on detailed information to provide the best quote to homeowners like you. We could shorten our form, but then the only designers we could get to reply with quotes would be the ones you are trying to avoid.

You want to get right to the best kitchen design professionals. I've spent almost 20 years identifying who they are. Our service is no cost to you. The designers pay us a small fee for the referral to be connected with you.

Your time is valuable. While our Intake form may take some time to complete, you'll get one or two free, no obligation quotes, quotes from highly qualified designers - quotes that are perfectly tailored to your home, design preferences and budget considerations.

If a designer doesn’t do a good survey of your preferences, you are less likely to get what you want. Delays in the design process, unexpected expenses that ruin your budget and communication frustrations are all the result of not taking enough time at the beginning of the design process to understand your dreams your project.

You're serious about remodeling your kitchen, not just kicking tires. Our system assumes you're taking your kitchen project decision seriously, you're not just window shopping and you’re ready to get started.

Who are Kitchen Design Partner-approved designers? We work exclusively with independent kitchen designers. What does that mean? Independent kitchen designers live and work in your community. They are small businesses - often owner/operators of their kitchen design business. We believe independent designers deliver superior attention to detail, have better relationships with the other trades involved with your project, provide the finest kitchen designs, and deliver better finished projects than “Big Box” stores and chain retailers.

Some of our designers have showrooms. Many work from their homes and will show you samples when they come to you. Some are Certified Kitchen Designers and some are not. Some combine remodeling services with their cabinetry, others focus on the design, supply and installation of cabinetry, while providing general project consulting. They all have many years of experience. Regardless of their business model and accreditation, you will be working with a professional.

You will only be connected with well-reviewed designers. Some of the designers I have had a business relationship with for over 15 years. We know they can deliver the highest quality work and the best service.

You're looking for advice and insight, not just a quote. Did you notice there are many options for leaving this page and exploring other information and resources on this site? Now, compare this to other sites that give you 10’x10’ prices, make you select cabinets from a cart, price your kitchen using other designs, or simply take measurements without asking for information.

Kitchen Design Partner exists to educate you about all things related to kitchen remodeling and to connect you with the best independent kitchen designers. Our resources will help you:

  • Ask the right questions when designing and remodeling your kitchen
  • Understand quality differences between the many cabinet options
  • Make the best product selections for your quality expectations
  • Make product and contractor decisions you will not regret
  • Prioritize your spending for products and remodeling services
  • Understand that NOT all spending brings equal return on investment
  • Connect you with quality designers
  • Connect you with quality products

You want to do business with real people, not robots. When you complete the Kitchen Design Partner Intake form, you'll get a message from me, Bob Aungst, a real live human. And you'll get my personal email address that you can use to contact me with any questions and concerns. I'm happy to help.

Happy Kitchen Remodel Shopping!

Bob Aungst

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