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May 9, 2020
creative storage solutions for your new kitchen

21 Storage Solutions for Your New Kitchen

The modern-day kitchen needs creative storage solutions more than ever before. As a home to appliances, cookware and specialty gadgets, it has become difficult to organize... Read More
April 27, 2020
Countertops with a contoured shape makes it possible to move around smoothly, part of universal design

Universal Design is for Everyone

Universal design is about incorporating good design that makes your home accessible for everyone, regardless of age, size or ability. Since the kitchen is the heart... Read More
April 15, 2020
Custom cabinets let you create your personalized kitchen seating layout

Get Inspired with These Ideas for Kitchen Seating

The popularity of open floor plans in today’s homes has created a need for clever and creative kitchen seating arrangements. The open floor plan by definition... Read More
March 30, 2020
Make kitchen remodeling decisions you won't regret

Kitchen Remodeling Choices You Won’t Regret

We know it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing the latest trends for your new remodeled kitchen. It’s equally as easy to... Read More
March 18, 2020
A gourmet kitchen means different things to different people

What Goes into Creating a Gourmet Kitchen?

What Is a Gourmet Kitchen? A gourmet kitchen means different things to different people. When you add “gourmet” to describe a food, it gets elevated to... Read More