Kitchen Remodel Project in Mahwah, NJ

Kitchen Remodel Project in Mahwah, NJ

Project Designed and Executed by Craig Allen Designs

Why Did Homeowners Remodel?

When Nicki and Michael bought their house in Mahwah, NJ, they knew from the day they first saw it that they would replace the kitchen. It was a very nice kitchen for the time the home was built in the late 1990s. A traditional kitchen featuring Cherry cabinets with crown moldings, black countertops on the island and perimeter, cooktop in the island, a nice little message center and black appliances. Everything a homeowner could want – in 1998.

But the year is 2022 and no one wants this dark and dated traditional look anymore, especially Nicki and Michael. They wanted to bring the look of the kitchen into the 21st century to better match their taste and style preferences, which are modern and contemporary.

What Problems Did Homeowners Want to Resolve?

They did not like the cooktop in the island. And the exhaust fan used to remove cooking smells and grease was a downdraft and not very effective. Plus noisy.

They wanted the space to feel more open.

They needed more light. The old kitchen had can lights in the ceiling that threw shadows.

They liked the fireplace, but it needed an update.

What Did Homeowners Want Included in Their New Kitchen?

They wanted:

  • a more modern look overall
  • cabinets with a light finish
  • a pot-filler
  • Fewer wall cabinets
  • a wine chiller in the island
  • Open shelves and glass fronts in some upper cabinets for displaying artwork
  • a dry bar area for storing glassware and liquor bottles

How Craig Allen Designs Solved the Homeowners’ Problems

We replaced everything in the kitchen. However, we did not change the overall footprint of the kitchen. We could not replace the large Palladian style window due to concerns regarding the stucco on the outside of the house. (A true Palladian window has 3 parts, which this one obviously does not, but the graceful arch is part of the Palladian style.)

The biggest issue was the cooktop in the island. When I suggested putting it in the corner, they were very happy with this suggestion. This changed the work triangle layout from the original kitchen but not in a negative way.

We added a credenza-style cabinet in their dining area for storing serving platters and other items that aren’t used every day. And open shelves above the credenza for showing off their collection of art items.

They wanted to update the look of the fireplace. Working together with the homeowners, we came up with a modern, low-profile solution for the fireplace.

And as a bonus, when we reduced the profile of the fireplace and decreased the amount of space between the island and fireplace, we were able to add 15” to the island.

How Craig Allen Designs Addressed Homeowner’s Concerns

Nicki and Michael knew pretty much what they wanted. It was easy to work with homeowners who know what they want.

We chose the Amesbury flat panel doors from Brighton custom cabinets. Cabinets are Maple with a light stain. The number of upper cabinets was reduced, and we included open shelves to keep the overall look open and light.

The island was finished using two different finish colors. The heavy square support legs are one color, and the cabinets that make up the island are in the light Maple finish used on the cabinets.

As the homeowners requested, we installed the cooktop across the corner. The chose a chimney-style exhaust hood and a pot filler to complete their wish list. And the backsplash they decided on is a beautiful pearlesque tile that truly became the focal point of the room.

Backsplash behind the sink and under the wall cabinets is a gray glass subway tile.

Countertops are quartz. And they chose a porcelain tile for their floor.

Craig replaced the Crown moldings with a more contemporary, square style molding that was in keeping with the new modern vibe of the kitchen.

The fireplace got a make-over as part of the kitchen remodel. Craig removed the dark fireplace surround and replaced it with a simple frame.

Products Used in Mahwah, NJ Kitchen Remodel

  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Full height backsplash behind the cooktop
  • Modern chimney style exhaust hood
  • Crown moldings replaced with square Shaker-style moldings
  • Brighton cabinets with custom stain
  • Light custom stain on Maple paired with black decorative hardware
  • Full overlay styling
  • Futuristic pendant lights
  • Dry bar with glass front cabinets for displaying glassware and a closed cabinet below for bottle storage
  • Wine chiller in the island

Craig Allen Designs Brighton Kitchen in Mahwah, NJ