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You’ve finally decided to proceed with your kitchen remodel project – congratulations! At Kitchen Design Partner, we will connect you with pre-screened, qualified kitchen designers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, for free. Are you ready to get started?

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Why Our Kitchen Planning Questionnaire Is So Important

  • It helps you think through important design questions
  • It helps to match you with the designer best suited for your remodel project, for free
  • It helps with setting a budget that lets you get what you want for your remodel project
  • It helps accelerate the design process
  • It helps your designer specify the materials you want in your new kitchen
  • It helps reduce frustrating design changes or having to re-start the design process
  • Kitchen Planning Questionnaire

Learn About Kitchen Remodeling Processes

A kitchen remodel is probably the most complicated project you will ever take on. And a talented, experienced kitchen designer can remove the guesswork, streamline the process and make it possible for you to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

To ensure that your new kitchen works efficiently and makes the most of the room’s style, storage and function, you need an experienced kitchen designer. He or she knows what works and what doesn't. They’re continuously learning from their clients what they do and don't like about their old kitchens and what they want in their new kitchens.

A kitchen designer can help you budget wisely, avoid mistakes, make the space beautiful and functional, and introduce you to new products and cabinet interior accessories. With access to planning tools and technology and the inside scoop on trends, new materials, building codes and technical ins-and-outs, a kitchen designer’s know-how can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

Your kitchen remodel won’t be as fast or easy as you’ve seen on “home makeover” TV shows. It’s a serious investment in both finances and time.

As you’re probably discovering, a kitchen remodel can be confusing. You might not even know where to begin, or how to plan out the best course of action. Before you set about planning the initial stages of a complete kitchen renovation, it’s essential to know exactly where to start, and how much of a budget you have to work with.

That’s why we created Kitchen Design Partner, to provide you with information you need and match you with the experienced personnel who will guide you through the remodel process. That’s why we say Kitchen Design Partner is Your Kitchen Remodeling Experts.

As you get started, ask yourself

  • what are my goals for a new kitchen?
  • what’s missing from my present kitchen?
  • what would I like to get rid of?

For enthusiastic cooks, frequent entertainers, and busy families, your kitchen is probably the center of your life.

For advice on and knowledge about how to master a kitchen remodel, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about renovating your kitchen, from sourcing the right contractor to choosing backsplash tiles and hardware.

We’ve lined up kitchen design and renovation experts for their input on the best practices and the best kitchen remodel ideas. Our articles have got you covered, whether you’re planning a complete kitchen remodel, or are simply interested in the latest appliances, or are in need of inspiration for your dream kitchen remodel.

You’ve come to the right place.

Get Inspired

We believe in the power of “Before and After” case studies. After all, how can we convince you that the designers selected by the team at Kitchen Design Partner know what they’re doing and how to do it if you don’t see actual results of their work?

A designer isn’t eligible to become an exclusive designer for Kitchen Design Partner until he or she submits a “Before and After” case study for our library—complete with photos and in-depth descriptions of the problems they solved for their homeowner clients.

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You’re invited to scroll through the case studies posted on this site. No doubt you’ll get inspired by something you see there.

We know you’ll have questions – probably lots of questions. And we have the answers.

Our team of design experts can answer any question you can come up.

How can we say that?

Because our experts have the experience and know-how that only comes from having worked on many projects over the years and solved homeowners’ problems – problems just like yours.

We also put together a complete library of articles that cover many of the issues we’ve seen arise during kitchen remodeling projects. Feel free to browse through them to see if possibly your questions have been asked and answered there.

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Why Kitchen Design Partner?

  • You want to work with experts, not someone who is going to take your money and deliver a mess instead of well-conceived new kitchen. We only work with the best designers in your area.
  • You want to get right to the best kitchen design professionals. The team at Kitchen Design Partner has spent 20+ years identifying who they are. Our service is no cost to you. The designers pay us a small fee for the referral to be connected with you.
  • Your time is valuable. You'll get one or two free, no obligation quotes from pre-qualified designers - quotes that are perfectly tailored to your home, design preferences and budget considerations. 
  • You're serious about remodeling your kitchen, not just kicking tires. Our system assumes you're ready to get started on your kitchen project.
  • You're looking for advice and insight, not just a quote. Did you notice there are options beyond this page for information and resources? Now, compare this to other sites that give you 10’x10’ prices, make you select cabinets from a picture, price your kitchen using other designs, or simply take measurements without asking for information.
  • You need information. Kitchen Design Partner provides the resources for you to learn about all things related to kitchen remodeling. Our resources will help you:
    • ✔ Ask the right questions when designing and remodeling your kitchen
    • ✔ Understand quality differences between the many cabinet options
    • ✔ Make the best product selections for your budget expectations
    • ✔ Make product and contractor decisions you will not regret 
    • ✔ Maximize your spending for products and remodeling services
    • ✔ Understand that NOT all spending brings equal return on investment 
  • You want to do business with real people, not robots. When you complete the Kitchen Design Partner Intake form, you'll get a message from Bob Aungst, a real live human. He’s happy to help.

Who are Kitchen Design Partner-approved Designers?

We work exclusively with independent kitchen designers. What does that mean? Independent kitchen designers live and work in your community. They are small businesses - often owner/operators of their kitchen design business. 

We believe independent designers deliver superior attention to detail, have better relationships with the other trades involved with your project, provide the finest kitchen designs, and deliver better finished projects than “Big Box” stores and chain retailers. 

Some of our designers have showrooms. Many work from their homes and will show you samples when they come to you. Some are Certified Kitchen Designers and some are not. Some combine remodeling services with their cabinetry, others focus on the design, supply and installation of cabinetry, while providing general project consulting. They all have many years of experience. Regardless of their business model and accreditation, you will be working with a professional.

You will only be connected with well-reviewed designers. The founder of Kitchen Design Partner, Bob Aungst, has had a business relationship with some of the designers for over 15 years. He knows they can deliver the highest quality work and the best service