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We Help Make Kitchen Remodels A Success


Ready to Learn About the Kitchen Remodeling Process?

A kitchen remodel is probably the most complicated project you will ever take on. And an experienced kitchen designer can make it possible for you to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

If you don't even know where to start with your kitchen remodel project, the team at Kitchen Design Partner is here to help. We will match you with the experienced pro who will guide you through the kitchen remodel process.

That’s why we say Kitchen Design Partner is Your Kitchen Remodeling Experts.

You’ve come to the right place.

Why Our "Get Started" Questionnaire Is So Important

  • It helps you think through important design questions
  • It helps to match you with the designer best suited for your remodel project, for free
  • It helps with setting a budget that lets you get what you want for your remodel project
  • It helps accelerate the design process
  • It helps your designer specify the materials you want in your new kitchen
  • It helps reduce frustrating design changes or having to re-start the design process

Why Kitchen Design Partner?

Kitchen Design Partner will match you with the designer who is right for your project.

  • You want to work with experts, not someone who is going to take your money and deliver a mess instead of a well-conceived new kitchen. We only work with the best designers in your area.
  • You need information. We provide resources so you can read about all things related to kitchen remodeling. We will help you ask the right questions and make the best selections for your budget.
  • You're looking for advice, not just a quote. Compare our resources to other sites that give you 10'x10' prices, make you select cabinets from a picture, price your kitchen using someone else's design or simply take measurements without asking what you want.
  • You want the best kitchen design professionals. We have spent 20+ years identifying who they are. Our service is no cost to you. (The designers pay us a small fee for the referral to be connected with you.)

Who are Kitchen Design Partner-approved Designers?

We work exclusively with independent kitchen designers who live and work in your community. They are small businesses, and usually the owner of their kitchen design business.

Independent designers provide the finest kitchen designs with great attention to detail. They deliver better finished projects than "Big Box" stores and chain retailers.

Some of our designers have showrooms. Many work from their homes and will show you samples when they come to your home. Some are Certified Kitchen Designers (CKD's); some are not.

Regardless of their business model and accreditation, you will be working with a professional who has many years of experience.

Get Inspired

We believe in the power of “Before and After” case studies. After all, how can we convince you that our designers are experts at what they do if you don't see their work?

To become a designer for Kitchen Design Partner, he or she must submit a "Before and After" case study for our library - complete with photos and descriptions of the problems they solved for their homeowner clients.

You're invited to scroll through the case studies to get inspired.

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Learn From the Experts

Our experts have the experience and know-how that only comes from having worked on many projects over the years and solving homeowners' problems - problems just like yours.

We also put together a complete library of articles that cover may of the issues we've seen arise during kitchen remodeling projects. Feel free to browse through them to see if your questions have been asked and answered there.

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