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Designing kitchens is a great profession, but only if you have enough customers buying at the right price. Too many designers are either dependent on random referrals or trying to make poorly matched clients work by dropping their margins when referrals dry up. We help you take your clients on a customer journey that builds trust, increases sales, and grows profits.

Kitchen Design Partner knows the key to success for qualified kitchen design clients.


How is your current marketing working? Since you are visiting this site I will assume you either aren’t getting a good return on your dollars invested or you are looking to jumpstart your business. Either way, we will use our strategy-first philosophy to get you more business. Your Strategic Marketing Core Identity really isn't about you. It is about the things that your customers want. Our process peels away the "business speak" and generalities, and puts absolute focus on what prospects are looking for when they want to buy what you sell. This may sound easy, but you would be amazed at how many businesses get this wrong!

1. Capture Interest This is simply the process of saying the right things to get noticed. In order for our business to work, we must first get their attention. Simple to say, but often difficult to pull off, unless you strike their emotional hot buttons.

2. Engage Prospective Buyers Once you’ve caught your prospects’ attention with an effective Interrupt message, you need to promise to provide them with information that will help them make the best decision possible. You engage prospects by capturing their attention gained through your interrupt message, and carrying that energy and focus on through to the next element of the message.

3. Facilitate An Informed Decision After we interrupt and engage prospects based on emotional hot buttons, we provide information that helps them understand the problem your product solves in a logical way. Then, we prove why / how the product solves the problem. We do this by providing detailed, quantifiable, specific, inside-reality-revealing information. This transforms an emotional sell to a logical sell.

4. Provide A Low-Risk Call To Action Once you capture your prospect's attention, engage them by promising a solution, and provide the educational information that makes our solution believable, we offer the prospect a low-risk way to take the next step in the sales process. We do this by offering a free marketing tool such as a report, brochure or an incentive to provide them a clear next step in the purchasing process.